Welcome! This is where the information is at. Check frequently, as things will change or be added often.

You have all received your invitations and have RSVP’d. I would like to welcome you to this campaign. All of you have played with me before, most of you have been players in one (or more) of my campaigns. That said, I will reiterate my rules right here on the front page so that there is no confusion.

Rule 1: My word at the table is LAW. I jokingly refer to myself as God at the table, but it is done to be clear. If you disagree on one of my rulings, please bring it up during a break. I’m more than willing to discuss it at a later point. Hell, I’ve been known to reward people who can prove me wrong at the right time…those who choose the wrong time…well, they don’t stick around very long.

Rule 2: Be Prepared. Granted, I am providing a great deal of the things I would normally expect you to bring for yourself, but I can’t do everything. The list of things you will be expected to have is fairly short and is located HERE (add link). But way more important than the material things I expect you to bring to the table, it’s the mind set you bring that I am talking about here. I shouldn’t and won’t prod you through the entire session. Either you want to play and have your head in the game or don’t. I understand that a good bit of jackass-ery is a part of the fun of the game, but be ready to fight or get serious when it’s time.

Rule 3: Have Fun. If your not having fun, something is inherently wrong. D&D is a game. A serious game that consumes peoples lives, but it is a game. A game should be fun. Now, if your not having fun because of me, let me know. I recognize that some people like dungeon crawls and LOTS of fighting and others prefer more character development and intrigue. I can’t fix a problem if I don’t know about it. If your lack of fun stems from another player, again, let me know…and quick. I don’t want a situation to develop. I can nip problems in the bud if I know about them. Let me handle it.

How Time Flies...